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  1. critic on 12/7/14 — your hot nice thick ass show us those big tits I’d love those lips wrapped around my cock
  2. willi on 12/4/14 — what a hateful tease
  3. Money shot on 4/30/14 — 9/10
  4. booblover1953@gmail.com on 3/22/13 — perfect lips for an awesome blow job
  5. Hugh G. Rekshun on 1/24/13 — Very smoochable.
  6. ducatirider@rocketmail.com on 12/26/12 — Very retarded quack lips.
  7. B-Radical on 12/28/11 — Turn loose!
  8. m guy on 1/13/11 — what are ya scared to show us all of what you have haha
  9. Mr.T on 8/2/10 — holy shit!!!!! i work with her!!!! talk about a diamond in the buff!!!! damn your even sexier nekkid!!!!!
  10. likemspread on 4/23/10 — should have let those babies hang
  11. Chris on 7/17/09 — I can hold those while you take the next photo
  12. Sir Spooge-alot on 11/20/08 — Holdest thou that position, milady. I mount mine trusty steed anon and wilt be standing behind thee forthwith, wielding mine massive pecker like a broadsword.
  13. SnooP on 11/18/08 — The two most significant inventions in our life.. the mirror.. and the cell phone
  14. hobbit on 6/12/08 — you bend over like that and i;ll stick a dick up your sweet assthen you will not pout but smile
  15. Mr G on 5/21/08 — Very sexy babe. you have a great body
  16. sexi on 3/26/08 — you are so hot and have such awesome big boobs. they are so big you cant even contain them with your arm.
  17. Don on 3/12/08 — a better view would get better votes

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