My wife Jamie

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My wife Jamie

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  1. YumYum on 12/3/12 — Firther to Feb 28 post…too much wanking sends you blind.
  2. on 6/6/12 — your a lucky man
  3. YumYum on 2/28/12 — Shame it’s out of focus. Otherwise a perfect score for perfect tits
  4. YumYum on 2/28/12 — sort out the focus to score lots more
  5. jojo on 11/16/11 — Lucky man! Would like to wake up next to these.
  6. logger on 9/26/11 — send better pics , please
  7. Mr. Mike on 12/10/10 — Your wife rocks. Gheeesh!
  8. flguy on 6/22/10 — Focus on taking the shot. It must be nice when she’s on top and hangs them down and lets you suck them.
  9. Mr G on 8/18/08 — I would love to fondle your wifes tits, please post more
  10. Brad523 on 5/27/08 — Focus the camera!!
  11. joby on 4/15/08 — lucky, lucky man. those are beautiful. they get better as she gets older.

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