my sexy 50 year old wife

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my sexy 50 year old wife
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  1. on 11/20/11 — You’re right to be proud of her she’s beautiful boobs
  2. gaychick on 3/12/11 — yeah another one of us hot older girls
  3. Mr. Bloggs on 11/6/10 — Come on she’s 50? Well if you say so. Crikey I’d like to join her in the tub and wherever else….
  4. geno on 8/19/10 — nice nipples
  5. boobguy on 6/1/10 — 50?!? Fantastic.
  6. big jimmy on 3/24/09 — Your wife is very hot for 50. Awesome titties.
  7. JLK on 6/29/08 — RUB A DUB PUT ME IN THE TUB
  8. Ron on 5/28/08 — I am also 50. I think it means I am supposed to be with your wife. Such milky white boobs. I would love to suck on them.
  9. Bob on 5/12/08 — Sexy yes! I would love to make love to you wife! Even “soft swinging” would be wonderfull,would love to fondle and suck those beuatiful titties!
  10. Bono on 4/13/08 — Topless married chicks are such a turn on!!

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