Look…they float!!

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Look...they float!!
Look…they float!! written by admin average rating 3.8/5 - 1027 user ratings

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  1. Joe on 4/16/15 — Id pound her hard. Shes hot.
  2. billyslide on 3/6/15 — No stretch marks on those things.
  3. biff on 3/6/15 — A little obvious, No?
  4. critic on 2/15/15 — I’d like to fuk your tits and cum in your milf pussy
  5. ronj9876@yahoo.com on 1/20/15 — Lots of fun to be had with a naked tipsy lady with big tits — love your big tits
  6. Dickey on 12/28/14 — You look like your getting ready to smoke a pole. Am i right??
  7. AngeloG on 12/28/14 — Of course, silicone floats!
  8. Lifelongstudent30@yahoo.com on 12/5/14 — Your the first old bitch I ever wanted to fuck in the ass
  9. Hmmmmilk on 6/14/14 — Only fakes float nipples up.
  10. irish john on 3/14/14 — FAKE and for what a false feeling of beauty
  11. Ron on 2/6/14 — Still loving your boobs, your whole self, after all these years
  12. bigjer on 6/23/13 — ready to party
  13. completechump@yahoo.com on 10/26/12 — Of course they float – they’re made out of plastic.
  14. BigBear on 2/20/12 — DAAAAUUUM!!! They float!
  15. arem on 1/30/12 — Terrific “job” — but “too big”. Also, what’s the point if EVERYBODY “knows” with a mere glance?ere
  16. gofinsc on 1/8/12 — They’re not really floating, because they would stay right there if you stood up. But it’s very good job. Nipples are great.
  17. I.roll.do.u@gmail.com on 12/12/11 — Holy look at those melons float I’d love to jam my face in between those puppies
  18. Nip Man on 4/23/11 — Fun to play with but not normal in anyway
  19. bnelson89169@cox.net on 4/15/11 — Wow, you are incredible!
  20. gbnighthawk2@gmail.com on 3/30/11 — can Ijoin you in the pool would love to play with your whole body super great tits
  21. heman2856@yahoo.com on 2/17/11 — would love to float my dick right in between them
  22. Hawk on 1/24/11 — great boob job can I see if they bounce like real
  23. 2handed on 12/6/10 — THE BEST ON THE SITE! WOULD LOVE TO SEE MORE
  24. funkdaddy on 9/22/10 — nice tits but fake, like the real thing
  25. johnny from san diego on 6/18/10 — BRING THOSE BIG TA TAS OVER TO MY POOL IN LA JOLLA HUNNNNNY
  26. Randy on 2/9/10 — Fantastic Nips. Would love to see the whole package…NO would love to Enjoy the whole package..Might kill me but man what a way
  27. Sonoma on 1/9/09 — Have another beer and maybe I can join you in the pool or anywhere else you might want to really a REALLY good time. S
  28. Ron on 12/17/08 — Oh boy, you get me up every time I see you — great boobs, slender body, sweet V tanlines pointing to your pussy under the water, a sexy little bit drunk look in your eyes, lips parted and ready, and great big boobs sitting way up high with erect nipples — oh yeah, oh yeah, oh oh oh , yes!
  29. Evil Dwarf on 11/9/08 — Well l will be buggered, silicone does float !
  30. Ron on 9/19/08 — Still love the boobs! Stand up and show us those tan lines around your sweet pussy. You are one hot MILF!
  31. HottieLover on 9/19/08 — SWEET
  32. Bob on 8/12/08 — Can I buy you a beer?
  33. Ron on 7/1/08 — So fake, so round, so firm, so fabulous, so suckable, so fantastic! And that mouth of yours would look so good wrapped around my dick.

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