cleavage shot

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cleavage shot

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  1. guy on 9/27/14 — I’d pull those tits out myself, grope them for a while, then jack off on her face.
  2. Boobman on 5/24/14 — Show those TIG BITTIES
  3. on 2/2/14 — Damn! :-)
  4. TittyCritic on 10/9/13 — This is a boob site, not a cleavage site! Looks like you could have scored high if you had popped those beauties out! 1/10
  5. on 3/4/12 — she just wants it up the ass
  6. Gman on 12/20/11 — Release the Crackin(s)
  7. boobeyes on 12/6/11 — usually Jersey girlz are not so shy
  8. The Commissioner on 9/17/11 — Nice cleavage, but we’re here to rate boobs. 1. Better luck next time.
  9. Pussy4Pussy on 7/22/11 — You get my panties wet and my nipples hard just looking at you, excuse me while I finger myelf
  10. bigpumpguy on 2/19/11 — no show and dumb–boob critic–not clevage critic–how dumb
  11. simon says on 12/27/10 — I’m with #4,..I can’t imagine who voted you a 6.7. For what?? Best push up bra??
  12. BoobLuvr on 6/10/10 — Auto 1 from me. This is not cleavage critic.
  13. yh on 2/8/09 — show those funbags
  14. Mr G on 7/26/08 — I love your cleavage babe, would love to bury my face in between those puppies. Sexy sexy sexy
  15. on 7/26/08 — wow send me some more

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