Rock hard nipples

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My slutty wife’s perky little tits… part 2

Rock hard nipples written by tdomf_0541f average rating 4/5 - 2739 user ratings

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  1. on 3/23/15 — Love the nipples, sexy
  2. ryan on 8/17/14 — nice
  3. TittyCritic on 8/24/13 — The perfect picture to jerk off to!
  4. nips on 3/19/13 — absolutely gorgeous nipples, love to see your nipples when you are pregnant
  5. Bob on 2/24/13 — Love to Meet Your Hot & Sexy Wife! Would Love a Private Showing of Your Wifes Sexy TiTTies..!!!
  6. azmesadmlr-gmail on 7/24/12 — Mmm, I’d love to see your wife, make eye contact, and take her behind a starbucks for a quickie
  7. likesboobs on 4/8/12 — Great set of tits, i like
  8. hans on 2/28/12 — Amazing… I wish you lived in my neighborhood cuz I would love to experience that body!!!
  9. terryj on 2/24/12 — Rock Hard Dick! Sounds like an even trade to me.
  10. boobman 1 on 2/22/12 — 10nice post,big love her nips,great tits,need a full frontal shes hot.thank her please
  11. on 2/22/12 — Sexy tits! Love how firm and perky they are ++10
  12. boobsorbust on 2/21/12 — Nice peerk to her boobs, fantastic stiff nips!
  13. dob on 2/21/12 — post a front shot please
  14. Bob on 2/21/12 — We’ll see how hard they are when they meet my cock!
  15. on 2/21/12 — Those are some nice hard nips on some really nice tits
  16. George on 2/21/12 — Very nice. I love the detail that the close up provides. Thank and thank your wife for sharing.
  17. on 2/21/12 — acan we see the rest of ur sexy body like ur pussy
  18. on 2/21/12 — i would fuck u any day and anywhere
  19. on 2/21/12 — oh yea i would pour chcocolate on them abd suck on them and maybe on ur pussy
  20. sukmorboobs on 2/21/12 — fuck that is hot ! love the pic…spank the slut for me won’t you ?
  21. hot_stuff on 2/21/12 — can suck those whole day.
  22. on 2/21/12 — If she really is slutty as you say then MSG me and we’ll talk about how slutty she can be! :-) Otherwise the term is insulting

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