Wifey’s Big Boobs


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My wife’s big boobs.

  1. Mr.Big on 3/4/14 — I wanna cum in your throat after I fuck your tits!
  2. boobyman on 2/6/14 — Boooooooooooooobs Great. Fuck ‘em and you’ll be happy
  3. Ron on 11/25/13 — Still lovin’ your huge beauties
  4. Ron on 11/1/13 — Love your huge huge tits. Love to get my hands and mouths on your beauties
  5. kenneth_r_62@yahoo.com on 10/29/13 — i would love to tit fuck those beauties then pound your sweet pussy hard and deep yahoo me pix
  6. Phillip on 5/27/13 — I’m sqeezing my throbbing cock trying not to wank but I probably will watching these swollen hot boobs
  7. Breast Expert on 5/26/13 — These are incredible, how does one remain decent?, these are too hot, have to shag breasts.
  8. Naughtynick on 5/26/13 — Wow I jacked off to these and came in minutes, they are stunning.
  9. Love big boobs on 5/18/13 — Let em be out more
  10. Jack ass on 4/26/13 — My buddy turned me on to this sight!! I think it’s a shopping center for the sexual assaulting guys out there. Careful ladies!!
  11. georgy on 4/25/13 — I love to grab one boob and suck the hell out of it delicious mami
  12. J R on 4/25/13 — i dont know what photo shopped really means butt…they kinda look different..butt nice for sure!
  13. loadmastr2@gmail.com on 4/23/13 — love em show me more
  14. G. on 4/23/13 — Lucky dude!
  15. Jungle Bunny on 4/22/13 — Hahahaha I fucked those while you were at work!
  16. mat12330@hotmail.com on 4/22/13 — lovely big titys
  17. duronracing7s@gmail.com on 4/22/13 — amazing tits to cum on…
  18. booblover1953@gmail.com on 4/22/13 — Mammma Mia!! great tits and nipples
  19. Bob on 4/22/13 — mmm m so big so tasty
  20. Like2playonline@gmail.com on 4/22/13 — Incredible tits and great nipples!!! Would love to get my hands and mouth on those beauties!!! :)
  21. Tim on 4/22/13 — nice titties
  22. Holy! on 4/22/13 — Damn gorgeous and under-rated
  23. Spike on 4/22/13 — Why do you girls not let the bra lines disappear before you take pictures?
  24. mike88 on 4/22/13 — Love them very hot.
  25. like2play73@gmail.com on 4/22/13 — Would love to see more of these puppies hanging free!!
  26. Arcster6@yahoo.com on 4/21/13 — Delicious indeed
  27. rlnd.winkler@gmail.com on 4/21/13 — myGod, they look like they might explode at any second! now I’m gonna blow too thanks
  28. gofinsc on 4/21/13 — Mgr82871 wants to send texts to these boobs. It’s MASSAGE!
  29. Mgr82871@aol.com on 4/21/13 — I got just the thing 4 those my big cuck and messaging u and licking them and suck
  30. coldsteel on 4/21/13 — very sexy! what size are those big boobs??? dan7378705@gmail.com
  31. J T N on 4/21/13 — Big gut, butt goes with them too. i’ll pass on judgement .
  32. Fred Flintstone on 4/21/13 — Lucky Bastard! Awesome Shagoms!!!

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