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Happy St. Paddy’s Day everyone! Drink responsibly.

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41 Comments for TEXAS GIRL

  1. Ms 36F on June 16, 2019: (Reply)
    Mmmm I would love to play with these and rub them against mine
  2. J.S on June 12, 2019: (Reply)
    Baileys and those gorgeous breasts!! What a combo!!
  3. Bill on May 25, 2019: (Reply)
    So hot!! I like the idea with the bottle!!
  4. Picky1 on March 21, 2019: (Reply)
    Texas Girl, you are smokin’ HOT ! ! ! Gorgeous body, you’re a 10 in my book ! ! !
  5. Wow69 on March 20, 2019: (Reply)
    I need more of those fantastic tits. Can I interest you in some other props?¿?
  6. Paul Revear’s Bitch on March 19, 2019: (Reply)
    I saw these monsters and I am mediately had to jack off. I felt a connection with Paul Revear like everyone else here has. It was deeply meaningful.
  7. Melkor on March 19, 2019: (Reply)
    I would love to drink your tits. Do not worry I’ll clean them later.
  8. trev on March 19, 2019: (Reply)
    Hey girl how about I cum over and give you a proper pearl necklace, with my own Irish cream, Your sure as hell worth the air fare.
  9. jeff1060 on March 19, 2019: (Reply)
    That’s what I like, you suck her tits and get a bailys over ice at the same time,
  10. Rev. Earl Pitts on March 18, 2019: (Reply)
    Awesome. These jugs are a blessing from Jesus Himself. Even He is beating off like the rest of us.
    • Jackin Jeez on March 19, 2019: (Reply)
  11. Sweetlou on March 18, 2019: (Reply)
    I’ll spray some fresh “cream” on those babies for you.
  12. Lovely Latina on March 18, 2019: (Reply)
    Another beauty from Texas.
  13. tom on March 18, 2019: (Reply)
    if they were real i would score higher but because they are fake not into fake 2
  14. Wow69 on March 18, 2019: (Reply)
    Absolutely perfect Wish my cock could replace those beads
  15. Nature Boy on March 18, 2019: (Reply)
    Those might be the most perfect tits I have ever seen. Would love to add some post st. Patty’s day cream all over those TX titties!
  16. Hershall7777@gmail.com on March 18, 2019: (Reply)
    Beautiful boobs
  17. Rev. Dick on March 18, 2019: (Reply)
    Rockin barrels. Reminds me of first time I shot a load on jugs like these. Answered prayers!!
  18. Brent on March 17, 2019: (Reply)
    Nice Texas titties!! If you’d like to send me more my email is midwestmind17@aol.com
  19. Anonymous on March 17, 2019: (Reply)
    Doin’ Texas right!!!
  20. Yum! on March 17, 2019: (Reply)
    I wanna fill your pussy with my Irish cream.
  21. Dpg on March 17, 2019: (Reply)
    Absolutely lovely
  22. Anonymous on March 17, 2019: (Reply)
    Wow, a perfect set…finally!
  23. Anonymous on March 17, 2019: (Reply)
    all I can say is wow
  24. Anonymous on March 17, 2019: (Reply)
    i like that wow
  25. Oliver on March 17, 2019: (Reply)
    I would like to be responsible for having a lot of fun with you! So very sexy, Texas girl!!!
  26. Wow69 on March 17, 2019: (Reply)
    Definitely a Happy St Paddy’s Day with those beautiful tits. Certainly do it big in Texas. Dam fine girl, DAM fine. You make me want to take up drinking….drinking that.off of those fantastic tits.
  27. Toeman on March 17, 2019: (Reply)
    I wanna suck that baileys off ur nipples.
  28. UrNaughty2ArntU@yahoo.com on March 17, 2019: (Reply)
    OMG!! Texas Guy Here. Would love to share a drink with you and all your beautiful assets.
  29. Anonymous on March 17, 2019: (Reply)
    We need to see more of you!
  30. Texas man on March 17, 2019: (Reply)
    San Antonio by chance? Very fucking sexy
  31. gofinsc on March 17, 2019: (Reply)
    Faith and begorra!
  32. Bigdog on March 17, 2019: (Reply)
    I would rather suck your tits! You look awesome 5stars!!!
  33. boxman on March 17, 2019: (Reply)
    if you were my girl I would be eating not drinking
  34. Pat on March 17, 2019: (Reply)
    I have a lot of cream to go with your baileys nice tits Happy St. Paddy’s day to you
  35. dirtydan80241@yahoo.com on March 17, 2019: (Reply)
    add a little butterscotch snap’s over ice and we got a good time!!
  36. bass cat on March 17, 2019: (Reply)
    thats why i drive too texas to fish everyweekend great women there
  37. lezqueen1@rediffmail.com on March 17, 2019: (Reply)
    Awesome pic. Love your tits and nips. Thanks for posting ❤
  38. Tom on March 17, 2019: (Reply)
    Beautiful as ever!!! Thank you for being here! Wow so freakin nice!! Please don’t ever stop…
  39. jzielkechewie@yahoo.com on March 17, 2019: (Reply)
    Wow… those make me want to move to Texas and drink Irish car bombs! Incredible tits! Please show more!
  40. In your hole yoga partner on March 17, 2019: (Reply)
    Love to put some Irish ☘️ cream on those lovely’s

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