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My Soapy Tits

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Would you like to get them dirty again…

  • Boobs posted on February 20th
  1. gfk on 4/20/14 — a real goddess, you are in my dreams forever
  2. damcthunder@yahoo.com on 3/30/14 — There is a G-O-D!
  3. ukspunkymonkey@gmail.com on 2/25/14 — Please but you must clean me up afterx
  4. MixALot on 2/23/14 — Wet and soapy always gets a 10 from me!
  5. grousebn@gmail.com on 2/22/14 — Happy Belated Birthday joe…Your Just Getting Hotter With Age….!!!
  6. Atlantean on 2/22/14 — Sexy as hell – you are sweet!
  7. R on 2/22/14 — “SMOKEN HOT” Love to Pull my Cock out of your mouth & Cum all over those Huge Awesome Tits!!! Then bend you over for a Nice Ride
  8. bigbooblover on 2/21/14 — YES
  9. grousebn@gmail.com on 2/21/14 — Yes U Had Some Hot Post Before…Loved the One Your Holding the Bra Strap..Nice Nails Too & Pretty Hair..!!! So Sexy..I’m a Fan!
  10. Spike on 2/21/14 — Awesome! love the separation and nice nipples!!!
  11. alanengland@hotmail.co.uk on 2/21/14 — superb body, definately want to get it sweaty and dirty and then shower with you
  12. ThortonWantsToSee@yahoo.com on 2/20/14 — Great shot! Awesome tits! I love fucking in the shower too, and I can imagine how smooth and slippery they’d feel. Write me!
  13. cdog on 2/20/14 — wow,olympic body,amazing stomach and chest,gold for you,you sould hold the usa flag
  14. J R on 2/20/14 — awww…another post of a fine wine vintage darlin! yeah get dirty darlin! ;) good for the “vintage crowd” on here..10
  15. Fletch on 2/20/14 — You know it, and than some. Very sexy, I’d love to wash you.
  16. boobman 1 on 2/20/14 — 9/10 very dirty,in many exciting ways,great tits hot body,sexy post,hope we see many more please
  17. qubec32@yahoo.com on 2/20/14 — Damn right I would
  18. mr_bigg9526@live. com on 2/20/14 — OMG FABULOUS! Would luv to cum on those nice puppies and more… email pics pls mr_bigg9526@live. com
  19. dd.eddie on 2/20/14 — Oh my yes, Yes, YES! super tits, very sexy cougar body! grrr :D
  20. like2play73@gmail.com on 2/20/14 — Would to help you out with that!!
  21. tigerwoods on 2/20/14 — wow 10 plus amazing youre so hot
  22. wolfking322001@yahoo.com on 2/20/14 — lovely for sure you like the bath huh can we see your soappy ass?
  23. booblover9965@yahoo.com on 2/20/14 — hell yes i would

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shy 1st timer

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How are these???

  • Boobs posted on February 20th
  1. warrenbotha123@gmail.com on 4/13/14 — very sexy
  2. damcthunder@yahoo.com on 3/30/14 — Love Freckles & Beautiful Nipples, Thank You!
  3. schmoo on 3/20/14 — those are perfect, I love the nipples
  4. harleyman on 3/18/14 — absolutely fantastic…
  5. Mandingo on 3/11/14 — You have perfect nipples, I want to lick those slowly and suck on them softly
  6. josueavitia2323@gmail.com on 3/1/14 — Just turned 18 haven’t seen many tips but these are beyond perfect o.0
  7. mur on 2/27/14 — I’d love to watch a thick load of my jizz drip slowly from your tits down to your belly button. :)
  8. Iva Biggin on 2/27/14 — My favorite, pencil eraser nips!
  9. ukspunkymonkey@gmail.com on 2/25/14 — Beautiful, love your nipples, please post again
  10. ACE on 2/24/14 — Beautiful!
  11. bd_worrell@yahoo.com on 2/23/14 — lets hope u post a 1000 more,, OMG fantastic breast and Nipples
  12. Andrew on 2/22/14 — Virgin titties. Gota love em.
  13. sucker for boobs on 2/22/14 — I’ve been jacking off on yout tits everyday.. please post more.
  14. VP on 2/22/14 — Perfect 10 girl I love your tits and your body is amazing.
  15. barto664@hotmail.com on 2/21/14 — Perfect tits!!!
  16. aMazed on 2/21/14 — fuckin perfect
  17. Spike on 2/21/14 — Love those sexy nipples!!
  18. alanengland@hotmail.co.uk on 2/21/14 — Lovely breasts, perfect nipples….waiting for gently sucking
  19. boobfan on 2/21/14 — damn i can’t stop looking. so hard just looking
  20. cdog on 2/21/14 — amazing ,perfect body
  21. ThortonWantsToSee@yahoo.com on 2/20/14 — Awesome tits! I love the nips! Let’s see more. In the meantime, write me if you want blush!
  22. hans on 2/20/14 — lovin the nips
  23. ts on 2/20/14 — Young natural perfection! Great skin! Yummy nipples!
  24. MR.HUGECOCK on 2/20/14 — I gave these a 10. Those are stunning, you have not only an amazing set of tits but your whole upper torso is HOT!!
  25. horny4you on 2/20/14 — outrageously sexy!!!!
  26. c cup guy on 2/20/14 — Girl, you have a fantastic set of tits. Don’t be shy about showing these puppies.
  27. Mr.Big on 2/20/14 — I wanna cum deep inside your pussy as I suck your tits!
  28. breastfan21@gmail.com on 2/20/14 — why would you ever be shy with a set like that?
  29. ad.palmer4531@hotmail.co.uk on 2/20/14 — 100% perfect babes x x
  30. Fletch on 2/20/14 — You and they are gorgeous. Hope it’s not your last! Gorgeous!!!
  31. boobman 1 on 2/20/14 — 10 please dont be,your terific,lovely tits hot nips,thank you for the pleasure,and hope you post again
  32. 6705toepfer@gmail.com on 2/20/14 — THOSE ARE NICE, YOU WANNA PLAY HOUSE ????
  33. Rich on 2/20/14 — There’s no way you can look in the mirror and not know that you’re one of the hottest bodies on here!
  34. mt on 2/20/14 — best I’ve ever seen
  35. skipper on 2/20/14 — so nice, ten for you
  36. mr_bigg9526@live. com on 2/20/14 — Thank you baby those are so so nice. keep posting!
  38. nickb87999@yahoo.com on 2/20/14 — perfection
  39. perryhockenberry@hotmail.com on 2/20/14 — Simply AWESOME!! I LOVE!! Perfect 10!! What beautiful titties!!
  40. Rojo Grande on 2/20/14 — Perfect. 10/10
  41. Mmmmmm on 2/20/14 — Just lovely my dear!
  42. gofinsc on 2/20/14 — HOOOOWHEEEE!!! Please don’t let this be your only time. Those are superb! PLENTY big enough with fabulous nipples.
  43. booblover on 2/20/14 — Wow, you are beautiful! Those are some of the nicest boobs I can remember seeing…
  44. Jason on 2/20/14 — Beautiful
  45. dick.rose524@gmail.com on 2/20/14 — I think your a SUPER FINE looking Young Lady!!!
  46. Booblvr on 2/20/14 — Beautiful. Definitely a keeper. Would live to see more privately
  47. steelydevok@hotmail.com on 2/20/14 — Perfect
  48. dd.eddie on 2/20/14 — Mmm Mmmm delcious! such fine beauty, what nipple.. LICK LICK :D
  49. like2play73@gmail.com on 2/20/14 — Can I show you how much I like them?
  50. booblover1953@gmail.com on 2/20/14 — great tits and body even better nipples 10+ need to see the kitty!!!
  51. Big on 2/20/14 — They are fantastic! I’d use the tip of my cock to tickle your nipples.
  52. sukmorboobs on 2/20/14 — very very hot … just nice as fuck
  53. Gloverboy6 on 2/20/14 — So sexy
  54. qubec32@yahoo.com on 2/20/14 — Absolutely gorgeous! I love your big, gumdrop nipples and I’d love to see more of you qubec32@yahoo.com
  55. wolfking322001@yahoo.com on 2/20/14 — those are actually almost perfect for your size and shape OMG you have a beautiful rack and mid section I would LOVE to see the
  56. WOODY on 2/20/14 — nothing to be shy about here very nice
  57. tittylover on 2/20/14 — Great, would love to see more.
  58. booblover9965@yahoo.com on 2/20/14 — very nice dont be shy
  59. Rig on 2/20/14 — Love those nipples. Would suck them all night long
  60. DICK on 2/20/14 — Those are Fuckin AWESOME 10++++

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Big Round Natural 34DDs #3

Boobcritic 03.jpg
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Having a little snow storm fun in the woods! 3rd post. Like to know which is your favorite & why: 1) Gothgirl, 2) Hiking 3) Snowy

  • Boobs posted on February 19th
  1. Fizzy on 5/3/14 — Hiking is my fav. Awfully brave to be out in the snow but beautiful!
  2. rocker1960.rq@gmail.com on 4/2/14 — wow!!! very very sexy. Nice body sweet girl. Love to see you layed out an opened up. thanks for showing
  3. z05072010@yahoo.com on 3/30/14 — dame what a big wide bare pussy and big juggs love to be doimg you from behind while grapping those hips and going deep in your
  4. Worker on 3/1/14 — The best wank I ever had just happened while looking at u
  5. mrlac35@gmail.com on 2/27/14 — #2
  6. coke339@gmail.com on 2/27/14 — Wow , oh so nice
  7. Josh on 2/26/14 — The other pics are great too but I really like the goth one the best. Lipstick really sets it off.
  8. Josh on 2/26/14 — I like the goth pic better. Something about the milky white against the black clothes and those pink nipples.
  9. Jim on 2/25/14 — you have a PERFECT body! Would love to see more!
  10. ukspunkymonkey@gmail.com on 2/25/14 — Love to see some yellow snow pics next
  11. grousebn@gmail.com on 2/24/14 — Would Love to Kiss U Out of That Goth Girl Dress….To Taste Your Black Lipstick…!!!
  12. Boobman on 2/24/14 — Would love to turn you around and bend you over that tree branch and pound that beautiful pussy
  13. robertferri8@gmail.com on 2/22/14 — gothgirl,because i like bad girls! perfect your lucky.
  14. sticklesrichard@yahoo.com on 2/22/14 — perfect write me!
  15. Chester on 2/22/14 — Love your curves!
  16. Very nice but... on 2/21/14 — You aren’t out in the snow, you’re photoshopped in but you’re still sexy. ^_~
  17. bigbooblover on 2/21/14 — i would bind u over that log and fuck u
  18. E on 2/21/14 — I’d have to say #3, having your pussy in the photo makes it the hands down winner.. Love looking at ur curves
  19. hambone on 2/21/14 — it’s definitely goth girl for me babe
  20. pete on 2/21/14 — mmm luv 2 slide my rockhard cock inside your wet pussy then cum on your sexy tits xxx more
  21. Hub on 2/20/14 — Damn she is sexy wow let’s swap some at bhubb03@yahoo.com
  22. jabbawockeez69@aol.com on 2/20/14 — I would love to warm you up baby!
  23. armando.deluca@yahoo.com on 2/20/14 — All are wonderful but gothgirl is my favorite because the lipstick makes you look deliciously naughty. :-)
  24. Thickone on 2/20/14 — All 3 of your posts are AMAZING you are a Very SEXY woman
  25. tibbetts513@gmail.com on 2/20/14 — snow
  26. grousebn@gmail.com on 2/20/14 — Like ‘em All Babe…But Goth Girl is Just So Crazy Sexy…Dig the Black Lipstick…& the Dress…!!!
  27. breastfan21@gmail.com on 2/20/14 — luv big tits with small nipples!
  29. J R on 2/20/14 — so far this post goes to the top! all are good..butt your getting better…au naturals..9.5,bumm shot?
  30. lone_wolf2010@live.com on 2/20/14 — To all you idiots yelling fake, its obvious the only nude women you have seen or either on the internet or in a magazine!
  31. ooooo on 2/20/14 — Sure do love your boobs in all your pics but this is special!
  32. bioman on 2/20/14 — I like snowy because I would love to eat and fuck your nice pussy, but I would also like goth girl’s dark lips to suck my cock.
  33. Ron on 2/20/14 — Wow! My kind of woman. Sexy and not shy about your hot hot body. Great tits and what a fuck you would be! Love your style
  34. Fred on 2/20/14 — I love you !!
  35. WOODY on 2/20/14 — i think i think fuck you are my favorite
  36. Dragkid651@aol.com on 2/20/14 — Love all ur post ur the best woman on here dragkid651@aol.com
  38. Dragkid651@aol.com on 2/20/14 — U r perfect in everyway
  39. Spike on 2/20/14 — Very Nice! Love the outdoor bravery!
  40. what on 2/20/14 — makes me wish I lived up north again
  41. boobologist on 2/20/14 — perfection
  42. mcdean on 2/19/14 — By the way, who wants a guy with a great big duck? (see earlier comment)
  43. mcdean on 2/19/14 — THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST! DD’s are waybetter. like yr shaved pussy too.
  44. rich70 on 2/19/14 — fake! just look at the placement of her nipples!
  45. Rosingmike41@gmail.com on 2/19/14 — I would fuck u outside I have a great big duck. Love that pussy speculacular tits and pussy
  46. de_Am@yahoo. com on 2/19/14 — what a body and great hips
  47. Holycrap on 2/19/14 — The most sexy woman with the perfect body. You are a perfect 10
  48. truth on 2/19/14 — superb tits.
  49. hughjeffincock88 on 2/19/14 — I think your tits look best in gothgirl, you look the hottest in hiking (my fav, best pic), but I most want to fuck you in snowy
  50. ad.palmer4531@hotmail.co.uk on 2/19/14 — U and me in the snow baby x x
  51. culverguy on 2/19/14 — i personally like gothgirl most but that amazing body in the third one is crazy hot.
  52. johnny on 2/19/14 — better wear some panties, dem rough jeans will scratch your kitty.
  53. cdog on 2/19/14 — all 3 are perfect
  54. boobman 1 on 2/19/14 — 10 every one,but snowy so hot and sexy great tits,body beautiful,thank you
  55. dave on 2/19/14 — damn….thats a woman….
  56. Fletchh on 2/19/14 — Love em all! Great boobs and sexy body. More please.
  57. Mike on 2/19/14 — I would love to see your pussy!!
  58. scott12895@Hotmail.com on 2/19/14 — dude I’m going to FUCK your wife
  59. gofinsc on 2/19/14 — I like nudes in snow, and you are barer here, but your boobs show better in the other two. Please keep giving us choices!
  60. csunmsu@gmail.com on 2/19/14 — I love the snow bunny
  61. 6705toepfer@gmail.com on 2/19/14 — I BET YOU ARE FREEZING YOUR ASS OFF !!!!
  62. like2play73@gmail.com on 2/19/14 — Nice set of tits!!
  63. John.gaglianojr@Yahoo.com on 2/19/14 — snowy is my fave
  64. Mr.Big on 2/19/14 — I wanna bend you over that log and fill you with my spunk!
  65. suburbanjay1980@gmail.com on 2/19/14 — so sexy in the snow,id fuck u right there on the tree behind u
  66. booblover9965@yahoo.com on 2/19/14 — hell yes, love to see more
  67. cj on 2/19/14 — let it snow! let it snow! let it snow!
  68. dd.eddie on 2/19/14 — SNOWY! first let me say fake pic, how could snow exist near you. SO HOT :D why? PERFECT Body! just add smile
  69. BobLuvsBoobs on 2/19/14 — Beautiful gal, lovely tits! Great post!
  70. korzlite29@GMAIL.COM on 2/19/14 — Awesome body! would love to see more please
  71. Torturedengel@hotmail.com on 2/19/14 — Damn!!! I like snowy the best… Full frontle! Great body!
  72. wolfking322001@yahoo.com on 2/19/14 — GREAT TITS love the rest of her body love being out doors are you in west Michigan? I want to see more
  73. awbowl1@yahoo.com on 2/19/14 — Wow great tits and amazing body and your pussy looks tasty
  74. booblover1953@gmail.com on 2/19/14 — Spectacular tits and great body…10+ Love the shaved kitty
  75. nickb87999@yahoo.com on 2/19/14 — I would love to warm you up baby! perfect body and perfect tits

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My tits, 23, student. I’m 34D by the way

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What do you think? Let me know! And have fun if you like it..lol !

  • Boobs posted on February 19th
  1. CharlottetownCutie@yahoo.com on 5/25/14 — i want them all to myself
  2. mur on 3/16/14 — Beautiful boobs, beautiful hair. God, I’m so fucking hard right now and I could cum all over you.
  3. ukspunkymonkey@gmail.com on 2/25/14 — If only ;) love to have fun any day x
  4. R on 2/22/14 — “Fantastis””Sexy Sexy”
  5. ged on 2/21/14 — amazing more please xx
  6. Life is Fun! on 2/21/14 — Life is Fun!
  7. kjfelter@gmail.com on 2/20/14 — pretty
  8. Bob on 2/20/14 — I want to cum on theses
  9. J R on 2/20/14 — dunno why..butt HANGERS just do it! auto 10′s..ty whats the next post? ;)
  10. WOODY on 2/20/14 — l dont like them I LOVE THEM
  11. Brian on 2/19/14 — Damn fine ass boobs
  12. MR.HUGECOCK on 2/19/14 — Super sexy pic! Love it!
  13. ad.palmer4531@hotmail.co.uk on 2/19/14 — Perfect babes, I want my dick between them x x x
  14. boobman 1 on 2/19/14 — 10 teasing tantalising tits,great post, love to milk ,nice cleavage to cum fill,start the fun be waiting
  15. mr_bigg9526@live. com on 2/19/14 — VERY SEXY! I’d suck on your tits and then lick you all over. email pics pls. mr_bigg9526@live. com
  16. Gloverboy6 on 2/19/14 — Luscious tits! Can we see your face next time?
  17. Mr.Big on 2/19/14 — I’ll pay your tuition if you let me fuck you and suck your tits!
  18. horny4you on 2/19/14 — i’ve cum twice thinking of fucking u and those tits and shooting my load all over ur face..great hangers
  19. booblover9965@yahoo.com on 2/19/14 — very nice boobs, love to see more
  20. dd.eddie on 2/19/14 — no fun doin it alone; can you post more, i need two hands. Grad skul? :D Hot!
  21. BobLuvsBoobs on 2/19/14 — Nice hanging tits, cute nipples!
  22. Boob lover on 2/19/14 — Wow I love your tits and I wanna see what the rest of your body looks like cause I can have lots of fun with you
  23. wolfking322001@yahoo.com on 2/19/14 — beautiful young woman wonderful tits I would like to see the rest of you
  24. nickb87999@yahoo.com on 2/19/14 — I would like to have dun with these perfect tits all day long!

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big georgia milf boobs

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Hubby wanted these submitted

  • Boobs posted on February 19th
  1. tobymichaels975@yahoo.com on 6/6/14 — Not sure who to thank…you’re hubby had the right idea, but they’re your great Boobs! More!
  2. zappa on 3/23/14 — i wud cum on them day and night luv em
  3. murryb54@yahoo.com on 3/1/14 — damn baby u got a sexy rack an i hope i could get sum personal pix via email asap
  4. ukspunkymonkey@gmail.com on 2/25/14 — Glad
  5. Atlantean on 2/22/14 — Whoppppppers
  6. Atlantean on 2/22/14 — Far TOO big!
  7. tiff_uvalle@outlook.com on 2/22/14 — to answer ur q’s…no I’m not a big girl, yes they r real, and size 34DDD
  8. tiff_uvalle@outlook.com on 2/22/14 — yes they are real ;-) and size 34 DDD
  9. bigbooblover on 2/21/14 — what size r they
  10. me on 2/21/14 — Glad he did i want to play with them love your boobs
  11. me on 2/21/14 — glad he did i want 2 play with them!! love your boobs
  12. J R on 2/20/14 — ty hubby! soutnern women got it! country gent has request? lean forward n let those southern 10 monsters HANG free…wow ;)
  13. Ron on 2/20/14 — GLORIOUS! I’m in Georgia. I will drive anywhere for an hour with you and your beautiful tits.
  15. alaskan99501@gmail.com on 2/19/14 — Baby, you’re the reason god created whip cream and chocolate sauce!
  16. mapkiss@hotmail.ca on 2/19/14 — World Class!
  17. alaskan99501@gmail.com on 2/19/14 — I bet your a big girl all over, but I’d still feel blessed to have you crawling on top of me, swinging those beauties in my face
  18. alaskan99501@gmail.com on 2/19/14 — @jluca – They gotta be real. Look at those nips and aereolas.
  19. MR.HUGECOCK on 2/19/14 — Hot, hot, hagers! Those are massive!!
  20. jluca955@gmail.com on 2/19/14 — those real? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> plezzz tell me?
  21. lowrider30534@yahoo.com on 2/19/14 — Love those big darl areola’s, nothing sweeter than a Georgia peach
  22. Jolly Green on 2/19/14 — happy birthday to me! you near Decatur?
  23. boobman 1 on 2/19/14 — 10 glad he did,there sensational,you have a fan for life,hope we see many more of you
  24. c62@inbox.com on 2/19/14 — tell hubby thanks…they are perfect! and BIG! :-P
  25. love4.2012@yahoo.com on 2/19/14 — i like to cum on your boobs with my big &thick cock you are 10+
  26. Fletch on 2/19/14 — Wow, solid!! Great boobs, yummy.
  27. BobLuvsBoobs on 2/19/14 — Damn!! Huge, in-your-face tits! Great valley there to slide my huge cock in!!!
  28. booblover9965@yahoo.com on 2/19/14 — nice, lucky guy
  29. Coffee6 on 2/19/14 — Wow ! Nice and def big ! Lucky hubby ! My girl would prolly like these ;)
  30. dd.eddie on 2/19/14 — well those arent Georgia Peaches.. Watermelons sweet and juicy! super nice
  31. bioman on 2/19/14 — Hey Ken, I never thought I’d get to see your wife’s huge tits. Thanks.
  32. lkptho@gmail.com on 2/19/14 — i want to die with those in my face
  33. AH on 2/19/14 — I’m officially in love with you! lol..
  34. like2play73@gmail.com on 2/19/14 — Have hubby to submit them to me! Awesome set!!
  35. wolfking322001@yahoo.com on 2/19/14 — hell yeah these boobs are incredible I want to see the rest of this MILF
  36. blascorpio76 on 2/19/14 — very sexy thank you for sharing please post more
  37. kenneth_r_62@yahoo.com on 2/19/14 — anytime anyplace sexy girl as long as you are riding my hard thick cock

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Nibble on Boobs

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Needing a biter on my nipples!

  • Boobs posted on February 19th
  1. Skin2bone on 4/3/14 — 8.5
  2. damcthunder@yahoo.com on 3/30/14 — Gorgeous Nipples – there is a God!
  3. josueavitia2323@gmail.com on 3/1/14 — I would so fuck you hard
  4. grousebn@gmail.com on 2/28/14 — Do I Know You?
  5. ukspunkymonkey@gmail.com on 2/25/14 — Stunning nips x
  6. J R on 2/20/14 — id nibble n tongue stroke those while hubby watced even! awesomes!
  7. ad.palmer4531@hotmail.co.uk on 2/19/14 — I will be happy to volunteer x x
  8. boobman 1 on 2/19/14 — 9/10 biter sucker tit player,you wil get plenty of offers,your looking great thanks,
  9. gofinsc on 2/19/14 — I would bite those magnificent nipples as soft or as hard as you want. And great boobs, too. More posts, please!
  10. grousebn@gmail.com on 2/19/14 — Nibble? I Wanna See How Much bOOb I Can Suck into My Horny Mouth…. Like the Ring..Love the bOObs…!!!
  11. horny4you on 2/19/14 — i volunteer..i luv when i can make a woman cum by biting her nipples
  12. BobLuvsBoobs on 2/19/14 — Great boobs, nice tight tasty nipples.
  13. booblover9965@yahoo.com on 2/19/14 — hell yes i would
  14. booblover on 2/19/14 — Wow, you are beautiful. I volunteer…
  15. booblover on 2/19/14 — Wow, you are geautiful! I volunteer
  16. Oooooo on 2/19/14 — My favorite sight! Thank you.
  17. dd.eddie on 2/19/14 — Im hooked on your nipples like a starving piranha!
  18. hermie99@hotmail.com on 2/19/14 — great tits
  19. wolfking322001@yahoo.com on 2/19/14 — love too. lovley boobs appears the rest of her is nice as well! I would love to see

Boobs comment

My new piercings

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Just wanted to show off my new piercings

  • Boobs posted on February 19th
  1. Booblik on 2/21/14 — After seeing them I want to puke. And gouge my eyes out. And kill myself.
  2. MR.HUGECOCK on 2/20/14 — I think these have gotten WAY too low a score simply due to the piercings. Piercings aside the tits are hot. I give them an 7
  4. X on 2/20/14 — Barbells…..terrible…..just stop the nonsense
  5. Twist on 2/20/14 — Please don’t post again
  6. J R on 2/20/14 — well darlin..id put ya in “lean to mode” n bump ya n swayen those babes ocean motion..
  7. Tom on 2/20/14 — There nice tits Hun they are I just wish u didn’t have them pierced they would look better without the piercings
  8. bobbie expert on 2/20/14 — please button your shit this is horrible
  9. Spike on 2/20/14 — Why would you waste the money?
  10. JG on 2/20/14 — Unattractive. You don’t deserve breasts.
  11. John.gaglianojr@Yahoo.com on 2/19/14 — piercings are way hott.
  12. crash0maniac@Gmail.com on 2/19/14 — don’t let the negative Nancy’s diwn you. They look awesome, and i know their damn fun to play with.
  13. DIK on 2/19/14 — They are all gay I love them would fuck them with my pierced cock!!
  14. boobman 1 on 2/19/14 — 8/10 hate piercing,love your huge full hot tits,another please bend let tham hang free,no piercing for higher score ,
  15. gofinsc on 2/19/14 — Wish you hadn’t. Going to be difficult to erase that image from my brain.
  16. drmoogala on 2/19/14 — Mutilation is STUPID
  17. Bigtitlover2@hotmail.com on 2/19/14 — Love big pierce titties let me no if you need some one to suck on those lol bigtitlover2@hotmail.com
  18. dd.eddie on 2/19/14 — they are fine, a nicely added embellishment. let them hang like on your hands n knees for higher score
  19. frank on 2/19/14 — people here including myself don’t appreciate piercings.nice and sucable tits though.
  20. Torturedengel@hotmail.com on 2/19/14 — Every woman with piercings always get low scores….
  21. ORBMAN on 2/19/14 — meh

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