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Firm 40 years old boobs 4

Firm 40 years old boobs 4..jpg
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Trying it from another angle

  • Boobs posted on June 22nd
  1. Jeff on 7/1/14 — Reminds me of Denise
  2. Richard Skinner on 6/24/14 — Nice mound!
  3. J R on 6/24/14 — would hubby mind if a older gent helped out while hubby fixed drinks all around? nice angle ;)
  4. tobymichaels975@yahoo.com on 6/23/14 — I would do you from any angle you chose. More please.
  5. mastr2369@gmail.com on 6/23/14 — I love em! They are perfect! And you have luciously beautiful lips, would kiss you all day long…
  6. armando.deluca@yahoo.com on 6/23/14 — Can I try you from another angle? RAWR :-)
  7. Covtucker10@aol.com on 6/23/14 — You are so beautiful. Nice tits.
  8. kalber335@yahoo.com on 6/23/14 — I would love to see that view from the opposite angle–with my face between your legs. Love to feel your shudder at the moment.
  9. budmantcb54@yahoo.com on 6/23/14 — nice nips very sexy please post another!!!
  10. Ryan on 6/23/14 — Damn I love sexy milf!! Keep posting!!
  11. wolfking322001@Yahoo. com on 6/23/14 — you look great I would like to see you standin g up straight just like that and see you ass too
  12. dd.eddie on 6/23/14 — YUMMY from any angle!
  13. booblover9965@yahoo.com on 6/23/14 — damn they keep getting better
  14. razorsege@vodamail.co.za on 6/23/14 — Very nice firm tits! Now open your legs wide so i can fuck your bald wet pussy with my hard cock while i suck on your nipples!
  15. bob on 6/23/14 — Now do one from between her legs and up to her tits.
  16. Oooooo on 6/22/14 — Truly wonderful view of a great body. Thanks.
  17. dva on 6/22/14 — I love it. Keep ‘em coming!
  18. ORBMAN on 6/22/14 — Deff a Milfer
  19. qubec32@yahoo.com on 6/22/14 — Yep, any way you look at it, it’s looks absolutely delicious

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My Real Big Soft Boobs

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Rate my boobs :)

  • Boobs posted on June 22nd
  1. bob on 6/27/14 — fake=sucks
  2. one1ofakind@hotmail.com on 6/26/14 — Thanks guys :) @_one1ofakind_ on twitter
  3. Kevin on 6/24/14 — Yes I love fat women so much this is my second day in a row whacking off to you baby
  4. gofinsc on 6/24/14 — Well, they are big, and we can assume they are real because fakes probably wouldn’t look like that. Real big? I don’t know.
  5. budmantcb54@yahoo.com on 6/23/14 — nice nips very sexy please post another!!!
  6. wolfking322001@Yahoo. com on 6/23/14 — love your beautiful melons awesome for tit fuckin can I see the rest of you
  7. booblover9965@yahoo.com on 6/23/14 — looks good, love to see more
  8. CharlottetownCutie@yahoo.com on 6/23/14 — I would love to see them bouncing as we made love
  9. Brian on 6/23/14 — Damn fine love big boobs
  10. kalber335@yahoo.com on 6/23/14 — Sure I would love to cum on them, too. But I’d rather watch them blush red while you’re cumming.
  11. stbhusker@yahoo.com on 6/22/14 — I rate them awesome!
  12. Winkelfarms@gmail.com on 6/22/14 — Wow! Your husband is one super lucky guy!!!!!
  13. love4.2012@yahoo.com on 6/22/14 — i like to cum on yourboobs with my very big and thick cock you are 10+

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wife’s new tits

IMG_9868 (1).jpg
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  • Boobs posted on June 22nd
  1. tattedazguy@gmail.com on 6/30/14 — I’d cum on those new titties!
  2. Yikes on 6/25/14 — Good god… I actually vomited looking at those monstrosities…
  3. roycarson@rocketmail.com on 6/25/14 — LOL wow I’ve never saw a nipple that bad off. I would still tit fuck you if i could squeeze them together
  4. truedat@gmail.com on 6/24/14 — gah! shouldda left ‘em alone.
  5. Monkey on 6/24/14 — I think they’re nice would love to shoot my gew all over them!
  6. Cf on 6/24/14 — No
  7. doug on 6/23/14 — as long as you love them ! everyone else blow smoke
  8. johnny on 6/23/14 — i dont want to be ugly but i agree with comments above, why cant women see how great they r with what god gave them?
  9. mastr2369@gmail.com on 6/23/14 — they are a bit lopsided, don’t ya, think?
  10. Nipman on 6/23/14 — You need a refund!
  11. mnfarmboy on 6/23/14 — Shoulda bought a motorcycle
  12. Nick on 6/23/14 — They’ll settle down, swollen from trauma.
  13. breastfan21@gmail.com on 6/23/14 — why is the left one staring at the wall?
  14. Assman on 6/23/14 — Terrible, these tits should scare away anyone thinking of fake tits…
  15. JC on 6/23/14 — OMG!! That’s horrific!!
  16. piegowdealer@yahoo.com on 6/23/14 — What happened? She lost her other pair?
  17. Hunter on 6/23/14 — That has got to be the worst boob job I’ve ever seen Being generous 2
  18. charles on 6/23/14 — NO FAKE BOOBS ON THIS SITE!!!!!!
  19. frank on 6/23/14 — Fuck ya, I love fake tits!
  20. Browser on 6/23/14 — So incredibly fake looking…
  21. drmoogala on 6/23/14 — You people are crazy should have left well enough alone
  22. Rojo Grande on 6/23/14 — You may want to ask for a refund. 2/10
  23. wolfking322001@Yahoo. com on 6/23/14 — ca we sea before shot I dont think they are bad the nipple pointing sideways could just be the way she is laying like to see mor
  24. dd.eddie on 6/23/14 — WOW those are some tight titties! they wont explode if i bite them will they. IS there a befor pic?
  25. Barry McCockinner on 6/23/14 — With all due seriousness, you should sue, & seek another doc. Your left nip is pointing sideways.
  26. jefé on 6/23/14 — Nothing says underclass like plastic bubbles on a tweaker with ink.
  27. Spike on 6/23/14 — Well they would rate higher with me if it wasn’t for the tat…..I agree with others. Let’s see them in a month!
  28. grousebn@gmail.com, on 6/23/14 — I Gave Her a Ten! Love Topless Wifes! Love the bOOb jOb Girls! Hit my Mailbox, Can’t Get Enough…!!!
  29. tj0llll099@gmail.com on 6/23/14 — I like em. never felt fakes, but I’ll bet they look great behind a sweater
  30. nipplelover on 6/22/14 — The Doctor who did this to you should be bar, for life, from medical practice!! I am sorry for you.
  31. tigerwoods on 6/22/14 — i think theyre a lil too big for her body thats why theyre so round
  32. Oooooo on 6/22/14 — You was robbed!
  33. Alan on 6/22/14 — Get yer money back
  34. Rosingmike41@gmail .com on 6/22/14 — Wow. Holy cow those are huge my big cuck would fit them I would get lost in them
  35. harleymarine69@yahoo. com on 6/22/14 — don’t know why the low rating….love ur tits, perfect. ..how about some pics in my email
  36. KA on 6/22/14 — Why?
  37. jersey boy on 6/22/14 — Post again in a month when swelling has gone. Deeeffff better than a 3.8 already.
  38. Will on 6/22/14 — Ooh not good……..
  39. engineere on 6/22/14 — Yikes
  40. gjerry on 6/22/14 — how in the hell did you rate a 3.6 should be a 0
  41. gofinsc on 6/22/14 — FUBAB. Fucked up beyond all belief.
  42. orionhntr on 6/22/14 — The originals had to be much better

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Size C tits :)

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I just want the world to enjoy them :)

  • Boobs posted on June 22nd
  1. darkandsexy34 on 6/25/14 — Awww thats nice of you to post them baby they look great!
  2. bob on 6/25/14 — very nice thank you for sharing them 8.5
  3. Bobo on 6/24/14 — fuck yes, just hold still while I slide in and fuck you silly
  4. J R on 6/24/14 — and the world will darlin! ty so much…10 if you ever feel lonely call me anytime..;)
  5. johnny on 6/23/14 — fabulous; thanks 4 the pic
  6. The spanker on 6/23/14 — Very nice, hot!
  7. mastr2369@gmail.com on 6/23/14 — I love em! They are perfect! And you have luciously beautiful lips, would kiss you all day long…
  8. armando.deluca@yahoo.com on 6/23/14 — I love your size C tits! I want!!! :-)
  9. mikester_25@yahoo.com on 6/23/14 — What a nice set you have. Keep on posting!
  10. breastfan21@gmail.com on 6/23/14 — and we are enjoying them, drop a few in my email pls
  11. cayaya9379@ymail.com on 6/23/14 — Enjoyed!!
  12. Fletch on 6/23/14 — On behalf of the world, we thank you. Gorgeous boobs and love those dark nipples.. More please.
  13. Masterowner11@yahoo.com on 6/23/14 — You are very sexy, plz yahoo me I want you bad
  14. kalber335@yahoo.com on 6/23/14 — And we do enjoy them. I love the way you a slipping sexily out of business attire. Classy necklace.
  15. westerm1975star@yahoo.com on 6/23/14 — my wife wants to share with you
  16. budmantcb54@yahoo.com on 6/23/14 — Very sexy would love to motor boat them and kiss all over
  17. dd.eddie on 6/23/14 — The world come later; i need to cum now, so come on over to please me first. TY TY
  18. booblover9965@yahoo.com on 6/23/14 — very nice boobs, love to see more
  19. grousebn@gmail.com, on 6/23/14 — Pretty Hair-Sexy Lips- But Most of All I Adore Your TiTs…!!!
  20. CharlottetownCutie@yahoo.com on 6/23/14 — they, like the little bit of your face that is visible, look perfect. if you were here, we’d have so much fun
  21. Keepcalm82@mail.com on 6/23/14 — Thanks for sharing, they are perfect
  22. JDOGG on 6/23/14 — Perfectly shaped and they look very firm, too. The lips look every bit as exquisite as well.
  23. kalber335@yahoo.com on 6/23/14 — love your skin tone and the beautiful dark areolas. I would love to see you cum.
  24. Oooooo on 6/22/14 — I am enjoying them very much. Thank you.
  25. geez55@hotmail.com on 6/22/14 — Absolutely love ‘em! Please don’t be a stranger. :)
  26. Winkelfarms@gmail.com on 6/22/14 — We do enjoy them honey! Thank you!
  27. smokinshodass@gmail.com on 6/22/14 — Measure again the are huge and pretty. Nice areolas. Ever allow cum on em. Let me know
  28. qubec32@yahoo.com on 6/22/14 — Perfect and beautiful, I’d love to get my hands on you and spend some time getting to know those sultry lips
  29. frigidlizard1@gmail.com on 6/22/14 — Beautiful. enough said.
  30. gofinsc on 6/22/14 — Please always go braless, and go topless whenever possible, like in NYC, where non-commercial exposure is OK.

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My wife’s D Ds

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Well boys what do you think of these big tits

  • Boobs posted on June 21st
  1. jthompson120670@hotmail.com on 6/29/14 — love them
  2. Joe on 6/23/14 — Great tits!
  3. grousebn@gmail.com, on 6/23/14 — Looks a Hot Little Outfit Your Kinda Wearing….Love to see More of the Hot Wifey.. …..!!!
  4. kalber335@yahoo.com on 6/23/14 — Two days later, your nipples make my cock jump for joy.
  5. tj0llll099@gmail.com on 6/23/14 — terrible pic but nice tits
  6. 1949kevonj@gmail.com on 6/22/14 — I’d luv to have them in my face every day for the rest of my life, they are HOT and ohhh so tasty lookin!
  7. 1949kevonj@gmail.com on 6/22/14 — I think I’d luv to have them in my face every day for the rest of my life, they are HOT and ohhh so tasty lookin!
  8. gspotter on 6/22/14 — Those dark nipples would look great with a load of cum on them.
  9. J R on 6/22/14 — looken like HANGERS more n more! 10 lucky man indeed! nice! under rated
  10. love4.2012@yahoo.com on 6/21/14 — i like to cum on yourboobs with my very big and thick cock you are 10+
  11. kalber335@yahoo.com on 6/21/14 — I’d love to have those nipples staring me in the face right now. they look ready for action.
  12. western1975star@yahoo.com on 6/21/14 — she shares with me daily
  13. western1975star@yahoo.comwe on 6/21/14 — finally got another one to post enjoy
  14. dd.eddie on 6/21/14 — WOW, and they come with a remote too! I’d prefer to change channela dn volume by hand or mouth

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Surprise at work with this pic

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51 and she’s still looking good.

  • Boobs posted on June 21st
  1. wolfking322001@Yahoo. com on 6/27/14 — Not bad at all fo 51
  2. Raisin Toast Fan on 6/22/14 — I think the word “good” does not mean what you think it means
  3. J R on 6/22/14 — could U post those by leaning forward n let those pups HANG free for the ol hangers gent? ;) ty
  4. J R on 6/22/14 — wow ;) U lucky bastid! haha yeah 10+10=awesome fine wine vintage.cum to 63 yrs yung daddy ..darlins..post more under rated
  5. kalber335@yahoo.com on 6/22/14 — I agree. 51 years is a lot of time to gain experience in making a guy cum like a firehose. Your tits start me up!
  6. bob on 6/22/14 — thats heaven right there!
  7. qubec32@yahoo.com on 6/21/14 — Damn nice! Love the view from underneath
  8. G on 6/21/14 — Damn right she’s still got it! Love to trade wife pics. Scarolinaguy29@yahoo.com
  9. thisguy on 6/21/14 — 51 and still marvellous.. I agree
  10. Tribute4u@yahoo.com on 6/21/14 — Great nips ! 10 !

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Tanned perky boobs

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  • Boobs posted on June 21st
  1. ocnative4334@hotmail.com on 7/22/14 — A perfect body. Love the flat belly, thin legs with space between them, to better show off your pussy. Long hair, nice tan.
  2. Jeff on 7/1/14 — Beautiful navel!
  3. jthompson120670@hotmail.com on 6/29/14 — perfect. that is all i can say
  4. Worker on 6/29/14 — Thank you for the pic, really need a good wank and you helped me cum… Lots!
  5. cdog on 6/28/14 — amazing body
  6. roycarson@rocketmail.com on 6/25/14 — looking good, i bet that pussy is nice
  7. PhilCoke on 6/24/14 — Wow!
  8. hoffntoff@gmail.com on 6/24/14 — now that is a sight to see! very sexy. 10 from me.
  9. breastfan21@gmail.com on 6/23/14 — great tits amazing body, instant wood
  10. jleesmith008@yahoo.com on 6/23/14 — want to fuck?
  11. c cup guy on 6/22/14 — Nice tits on a tight body. You are hot
  12. suburbanjay1980@gmail.com on 6/22/14 — Very sexy titties honey, please dont ruin them with silicone. Look at above for all the reasons to stay natural!
  13. booblover9965@yahoo.com on 6/22/14 — very nice
  14. charliemorning@yahoo.com on 6/22/14 — I would LOVE to see your ass :) :) :)
  15. Kevin on 6/21/14 — Killer body! Thanks for sharing. Hoping to see what’s under those panties!
  16. Fletch on 6/21/14 — Lovely boobs and very sexy body, yummmmmmmie.
  17. Mark on 6/21/14 — Perfection!!
  18. Browser on 6/21/14 — Great body, love your tits
  19. rj327275@aol.com on 6/21/14 — Love the tanlines, VERY SEXY!! ;-)
  20. CharlottetownCutie@yahoo.com on 6/21/14 — absolutely perfect
  21. kalber335@yahoo.com on 6/21/14 — Oh how I love tan lines. White boobs contrasted with bronze skin. Lovely.
  22. LezDaphne on 6/21/14 — I’d eat you right through those sexy panties.
  23. qubec32@yahoo.com on 6/21/14 — Stunning body and beautiful boobs!
  24. Ryan on 6/21/14 — Great titties baby!!
  25. Rich on 6/21/14 — Incredible body! Very sexy!
  26. albertk1 on 6/21/14 — GORGEOUS figure
  27. csunmsu@gmail.com on 6/21/14 — Love those boobs
  28. MelMel on 6/21/14 — Very sexy body!! Love your soft nipples!!!! ;)
  29. DALE. on 6/21/14 — Everything is Beautiful! !
  30. john on 6/21/14 — awesome low milage
  31. western1975star@yahoo.com on 6/21/14 — take those pantys off plz
  32. razorsedge@vodamail.co.za on 6/21/14 — You are really sexy and your tits are perfect! I don’t like red and that is the first thing i would ripp off your sexy body!
  33. Mike on 6/21/14 — Whoa nice!
  34. critic on 6/21/14 — nice soft tits would love to suck em n lick that pussy
  35. taylor1017mx@gmail.com on 6/21/14 — nice body. inbox me some for tributes. 8 incch cock bbc
  36. dd.eddie on 6/21/14 — Delicious in and out for the tub. Clean or dirty.. EYECANDY for my cok’s soul

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